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Redesign for faster work with specifications

Release notes 2021.1 2021.1 is out and we would like to share the most important information about the improvements

There are big changes in the visuals of the app, new categories, features, and more. We hope that you will like all the changes in the Revit plugin and work hard on delivering the same changes in the Archicad and Allplan plugins too. Whether you like them or not, we would be glad to know about it. We have a long pipeline of useful functions and your feedback would help us to set the priorities. You can always use the "Support" in the menu and reach out to us. Thank you and enjoy the news! Yours team updates

Redesign for faster work with specifications

Did you know that with plugins you can create any BIM object you want? With our plugins, it's even easier now. You can use two separated tabs to determine whether you want to configure a generic object with your own requirements or just select a product from the catalog. Real products can then be configured too, this is based on the manufacturer's possibilities. We have also added preview pictures for the generic geometry so you will know what you are adding to your project and which dimensions are which. We will keep adding more previews, at this moment you can check them out in Sanitary categories.

New product categories

New product categories

We´ve added new categories you requested.

Bathroom and toilet accessories and equipment

  • Bathroom shelves
  • Shower systems
  • Hygienic bag dispensers
  • Hygienic bins
  • Peg hangers
  • Shower seats
  • Towel rails
  • Toilet seats


  • Office sofas

Drainage element

  • Floor gullies
  • Roof gullies
  • Linear shower drains
  • Exterior channel drains
  • Rain drums


  • Water tanks
  • Water heaters
  • Pergolas
  • Exterior blinds
  • Exterior screen roller blinds


We prepared a simple tutorial for you. From now on we will guide you through the changes in every new version, so you can easily get around. With every new version, you will see the tutorial automatically. You can also run it again under the "Support".


Revit plugin updates


After you install the newest version of our plugin, it will always be updated automatically from now on. Therefore you won't need to download a new installer after every update to have the most recent version unless you have a new version of Revit. In that case you need to download and install the plugin again.

Fixed issues

We have fixed a problem where some users couldn't run the plugin after the installation.

Known issues

Even though a lot of work has been done on database corrections, there could be some glitches in the product data. We are working on the reduction of these issues.

Download Revit plugin

Archicad plugin

The release of the Archicad 24 & 25 plugin compatibility.

We are working hard on a new plugin for Archicad users. You will be able to use all the new features, add properties and work with the whole library. Release date is now set to June 2021 with 2021.2 update. We believe it is worth the waiting. Meanwhile you can download some GDL objects from the or pre-generated libraries in our downloads. If you want to help us with the development, contact us and we will provide you the Beta version of the plugin.

Download Archicad plugin

Allplan plugin

Compatibility with 2020 and 2021 versions.

Even though we don´t have a large Allplan library, for now, you can use the plugin to configure constructions. We've added compatibility for the last version, and we will keep it up-to-date with all the versions that will come in the future.

Download Allplan plugin


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