Natural workflow with Live database

Start your design simple with required specification type, geometry and a few properties. Assign a product or two, share, consult and find your perfect product or order a custom one.

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1.200 +BIM object templates
150 +Real brands
130.000 +Real products

From generic to real

In you don't have to choose a product from a catalog if you don't know it yet. You can start with setting up your wishes, requirements and perform as many iterations as you want. After that, you can choose to assign a real products options and keep your requirements untouched.

Live product database

We are working very closely with manufacturers who update our database regularly. Therefore you can rely that our product data is up-to-date every time you need it. We also keep track on discontinued products and its alternatives in case your project is opened for a long time or you are working on a pasport.

Sustainable design

With many parameters to use you will know what products to choose when you are looking for environmental friendly solution. Set up your BEP etc.

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