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BEST - more than pavings

the largest Czech manufacturer of concrete building products is BIM Ready

The digitization of the construction industry is progressing and now we bring you products from the Czech manufacturer BEST. The BIM catalog contains more than 4,000 items and over 900 product types. The catalog contains outdoor architecture, transport infrastructure, and masonry system products.

Architects, designers, and other users can search and filter products in the BEST BIM catalog, which is available on the manufacturer's website. To generate BIM objects faster, you can use the BIM catalog in plugins for the design software Archicad and Revit, which can be downloaded here.

Appearance of the BEST BIM catalog Appearance of the BEST BIM catalog

A useful function is the ability to configure your own paving color combination according to the selected composition and thus generate a texture for use in visualizations (for example in the popular Lumion SW). If the user accesses the BIM catalog from design software, they can insert the texture directly on the marked terrain or area, including the corresponding hatching.

BEST - BELEZA paving texture configurator in the BIM catalog for Revit BEST - BELEZA paving texture configurator in the BIM catalog for Revit

You can of course download BIM objects from the web version of the BIM catalog. However, a more interesting piece of news is the option to create your own BIM objects, i.e. to choose the parameters the resulting BIM object should contain directly in the plugin. This function can also be used on filters, so the user only needs to insert the general geometry with their own set of required properties for the product. The parameters in the project can be easily updated or the required properties can be replaced for a product and vice versa.

Inserting product parameters into a project with a plugin Inserting product parameters into a project with a plugin

For download

The BEST web application can be found at:

Plugins for design software can be downloaded at: - for Revit - for Archicad (WIN) - for Archicad (MAC)


BEST, a.s., is the largest Czech manufacturer of concrete building elements for outdoor and garden architecture, and has a 30-year tradition. The company was founded immediately after the fall of the Communist regime in 1990 on a greenfield site as the first completely new factory in Czechoslovakia, and today is the most traditional Czech manufacturer in its sector. BEST, a.s., owns 8 production and sales areas with 35 factories in all the regions of Bohemia and Moravia. It also owns 3 gravel quarries, giving it the highest raw material stability in its sector. In addition to the Czech Republic, the company's products can be purchased in Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia.

BEST is a leader in its field throughout Central Europe thanks to its strong brand, quality products, and dynamic development. Today, it focuses on manufacturing artificial natural stone and products for modern architecture, while its range includes over 4,000 product types. The company's credo is constant development, efficiency, and quality, so it invests in the technology required to supply the highest quality products on the market, yet does not neglect IT and sales and marketing activities. This makes BIM support for its clients a matter of course, as BIM brings all these characteristics together. Thanks to its BIM solution, created in collaboration with BIM Project, BEST can provide all the necessary information about its products for modern project implementation.


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