BIM integration

Don't search for BIM objects anymore and sync your specifications in cloud directly with Archicad and Revit BIM model. Create your own generic and real BIM objects from our BIM object templates.

Web-to-BIM connection

Once you install our plugin, it works automatically and maintains connection between our cloud and your BIM software. You can send your specifications to your BIM model with or without geometry with one click. Before we make any changes in your BIM model, we will show you a Confirmation table, but you will still be able to take the changes back. You can also load parameters from BIM model to for editing or set up live sync.

Hundreds of BIM object templates

We have more than 900 BIM object templates prepared natively in Archicad and Revit which you can use to generate your own BIM objects of luminaires, sanitary, (...). At the moment, we work with Level of Detail close to LOD200, which should be just enough for your projects.

Project parameter mapping

In case you want to use your project parameter IDs instead of ours, you can map our parameters to yours and we will use them instead. Therefore we will not create any new parameters in your BIM model and you will also be able to use your own BIM objects if needed.

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