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Give your customers the best digital tools

In an online world, you can benefit enormously if you engage with digital (BIM) processes early and correctly. Give designers, investors and end customers exactly what they need for their projects and they will reward you.

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Your own digital tools

In the digital world, there are many kinds of tools your customers need and you can offer them. Some of them need visualisation, others need your product data for a BIM model, others just need a consultation with your experts and a quote. But the tools and support for different types of products can vary. We have prepared everything your customers might need and it can be part of your web presentation tomorrow.

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Premium support

You can always give your customers something extra. We can integrate BIM-enabled technology into your existing digital tools or help you promote them to attract more users.

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Get more projects with bimproject.cloud

While we help you promote your Branded Web Selector, we also take care of promoting your products on the bimproject.cloud platform where all manufacturers have their products listed. Listing your products in the bimproject.cloud catalogue is free and automatic, so you can get leads from there too.

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