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Premium support

You can always give your customers something extra. We can integrate BIM-enabled technology into your existing digital tools or help you promote them to attract more users.

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BIM support for your existing tools

Some manufacturers have invested heavily in developing their own digital tools, and you could be one of them. In this case, we can help you link your tools directly to BIM models, which is exactly what architects and designers need. Implementation on your end is easy and we're happy to help. Implementation includes:

  • Connection via API
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Branded BIM plugin installers

Analytic tools

Keep track on which products are most favorite and what users actually search for. We can tell you a lot of things, but to get to a user's project, you will have to wait for them to share it with you. We are developing this functionality very fast so for current possibilities of our analytic tools, please ask our sales representatives.

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Joint marketing

Having digital tools that work for stakeholders is great and we're happy to help you promote them. There are many options from sharing promo videos on social media to elaborate marketing campaigns. We'll advise you on where to start, what to expect for your money, and if you'd like, we can get started together.

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