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There are different types of products and therefore different ways how to work with them in BIM process. Technical solution for providing data of materials and structures will be slightly different than common "object-type" products like luminaires or faucets. Some products like windows or shading are complex and need to be configured, sometimes stakeholders need visualisation, sometimes bill of material. We have prepared everything they could need and it can be a part of your website right away.

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There is always more support that you can provide to your clients. We can integrate technology into your own tools or help you spread the word that you provide a top-class BIM support.

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The best technology for the best clients. With enterprise solution you will get everything from Premium products and on top of that, you will get your own plugins, SLA, possible customizations, API connection and much more. Get the most from BIM itself with no compromises.While we help you to promote your own branded BIM tools, we take care of promoting bimproject.cloud where all manufactureres have their products visible. If you have your Branded selector ready, listing your products in bimproject.cloud catalog is free and automatic. And you can get your leads also here.

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