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While we help you to promote your own branded BIM tools, we take care of promoting where all manufactureres have their products visible. If you have your Branded selector ready, listing your products in catalog is free and automatic. And you can get your leads also here.

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Global product database

There are many ways how stakeholders in BIM process work and what their specific needs are. Some of them will use your Branded selector on your website, some of them will use a global catalog and focus on generic specifications. Nevertheless, this is one more way where to get real projects leads. Since the product listing is free and unlimited, it is also used by the smallest manufacturers.

Understanding of BIM process

If you would like to understand the world of BIM better, we will be happy to train you in this area. This includes sharing our knowledge we gathered throughout the years while working and living in the BIM community. To be among the best worldwide, we attend most of BIM conferences as guests or speakers and we help with standardisation in buildingSMART nad CEN.

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