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There are different types of products and therefore different ways how to work with them in BIM process. Technical solution for providing data of materials and structures will be slightly different than common "object-type" products like luminaires or faucets. Some products like windows or shading are complex and need to be configured, sometimes stakeholders need visualisation, sometimes bill of material. We have prepared everything they could need and it can be a part of your website right away.

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Branded selector

Your own digital tool for all kinds of users like architects, planners, investors or suppliers. They can start creating requirements for their products from scratch in the cloud environment. Then users can filter your product database, assign products to their specifications and share their wishes with you and your distributors. These are the real leads for the real projects you are getting. With an API connection to up-to-date product database, it works for:

  • construction materials
  • structures with layer by layer configuration
  • more than 1000 BIM object geometries native for Revit and Archicad
  • pavings and tilings patterns

BIM software connection

To support BIM software users, we developed plugins for Revit and Archicad, which connect these software directly to your Branded selector. This is a crucial part for architects and planners, because they can set up the connector according to their project standards. With one click and an API connection to up-to-date product database, they can:

  • create custom-made BIM objects
  • use their own BIM objects
  • create custom-made structures
  • select which parameters to insert
  • omit product identification

3D configurators for complex products

Some products cannot be simply specified in a project, because they need proper configuration which is based on lots of conditions and calculations. This solution is therefore suitable for assemblies like windows, doors, exterior shading, roof gullies or masonry fences, where users need to see immediately result of his parameter setup. That is also the reason, why 3D configurators are favorite among non-technical users. On top of that, users can export their specifications to get a list price or a custom business proposal. With an API connection to up-to-date product database and as a part of Branded selector, it includes:

  • scenes with relation to built environment
  • calculations of parameters and all components
  • textures mapping
  • custom texture samplers
  • exports to XLSX and PDF
  • possible connection to related brands

Pattern and textures configurator

There are special types of products like concrete pavings, flooring, tiling or facade cladding, where realistic visualisation is the most important part. With an API connection to up-to-date database and as a part of Branded selector, it includes:

  • seamless random textures generator
  • hatches for BIM software (Revit, Archicad)
  • use of custom textures
  • color setup of joints

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